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10th Meeting of the Brazilian Chapter (X EBSH) - October 14 – 18, 2013

The Meeting of the Brazilian Chapter (EBSH) of the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS) is a biannual event. The IHSS was founded in 1981 and today has around 900 members, representing the most diverse areas of knowledge. The IHSS is a renowned scientific society that promotes and divulgates scientific research and education related to humic substances and natural organic matter. The Brazilian Chapter of IHSS was founded in 1997 and has about 100 members. The 10th Meeting of the Brazilian Chapter (X EBSH) will be held October 14 – 18, 2013, in Santo Antônio de Goiás, Goiás State of Brazil which is located in the middle of the Brazilian savannah, the Cerrado, in the metropolitan region of Goiânia, the State Capital.

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Graduate and Post-graduate students should send a confirmation of their active student status. It can be a declaration of the institution of education where the student is enrolled or a copy of the proof of registration at the institution of education.

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Thematic Lines

The focal topic of the Meeting will be “Natural Organic Matter and Environmental Quality” and the objective is to promote the understanding of the role of the humic substances and natural organic matter relevant to the improvement or preservation of environmental quality as well as to promote scientific exchange among professionals and students in the following thematic lines:

  1. Structure, formation and characterization of humic substances and natural organic matter;
  2. Mechanisms of carbon sequestration and loss in the environment, greenhouse gas emission and mathematical modeling;
  3. Humic substances and natural organic matter in aquatic systems, water treatment;
  4. Humic substances and natural organic matter in environmental processes associated with metals and anthropogenic substances;
  5. Characterization and function of humic substances and natural organic matter affected by fire (natural and biochar) and its application;
  6. Interactions between humic substances (HS) and pesticides; HS based pesticides and fertilizers; nanomaterials and their application.


Key-Note Presentations

Name Institution Title of the Key-Note Lecture / Session
Dr. Ladislau Martin Neto, Executive Director of R&D, Past-President of IHSS Embrapa Opening Session
Prof. Dr. Teodoro M. Miano, President of IHSS University of Bari, Italy Opening Session
Prof. Dr. E. Michael Perdue Ball State University, USA The IHSS Standard and Reference Collection and Its Impact on the Study of Humic Substances / Session 1
Dra. Débora Marcondes Bastos Pereira Milori Embrapa Instrumentation Laser induced breakdown (LIBS) and fluorescence spectroscopy: potential for structural analysis of humic substances / Session 1
Prof. Dr. Carlos Gustavo Tornquist Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul State The challenges to disseminate modeling in soil organic matter research in Brazil / Sessão 2
Profa. Dra. Deborah Pinheiro Dick Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul State Carbon sequestration and chemical composition of organic matter in subtropical environments / Session 2
Prof. Dr. Cimélio Bayer Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul State Stabilisation of soil carbon and mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases in conservation agriculture - mechanisms / Session 2
Dr. Robert Michael Boddey Embrapa Agrobiology Carbon sequestration in soils under different land uses: Myths and mysteries / Session 2
Dr. Clive A. Kirkby Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Austrália Nutrients (N, P, S) the real limit to C-sequestration.......sense or nonsense / Session 2
Profa. Dra. Eny Maria Vieira Institute of Chemistry – Federal University of São Paulo State Coagulation for color removal from water containing humic substances with different molecular size / Session 3
Profa. Dra. Jussara Borges Regitano ESALQ – Federal University of São Paulo State Organic matter and dynamics of anthropogenic organic compounds in soils / Session 4
Profa. Dra. Heike Knicker Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Espanha Black to Brown - How does natural char and biochar addition to soils affect humification and the role of soil organic matter in environmental processes / Session 5
Dra. Claudia Maria Branco de Freitas Maia Embrapa Florestas Production of biochars via slow pyrolysis: agricultural and environmental potential / Session 5
Profa. Dra. Irina V. Perminova Lomonosov Moscow State University, Rússia Humics-based functional materials and nanocoatings: rational design and application / Sessão 6
Prof. Dr. Antônio Salvio Mangrich Federal University of Paraná State Oxidation of charcoals in the preparation of organic soil conditioners / Session 6


Programme (atualizada em 05/09/2013) Novo

Hora Segunda-feira
07:30   Transporte ao local do evento Transporte ao local do evento Transporte ao local do evento Transporte ao local do evento
08:30 Sessão 1
“Estrutura, formação e caracterização das substâncias húmicas e da matéria orgânica natural”

Sessão 2

“Mecanismos de sequestro e perda de carbono no meio ambiente, emissão de gases de efeito estufa e modelagem matemática”
Sessão 3
“Substâncias húmicas e matéria orgânica natural em sistemas aquáticos, tratamento de água”
Sessão 4
“Substâncias húmicas e matéria orgânica natural em processos ambientais envolvendo metais e compostos antropogênicos”
Transporte ao local do evento
Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Sessão 1

Reunião de Grupos

Visita a Campo

Passeio cultural
(por adesão)

Sessão de Encerramento
e Premiação de painéis
colocação de painéis
Coffee Break


Sessão 2
Sessão de Abertura




Almoço / Transporte ao hotel

14:00 Sessão 6
“Defensivos agrícolas e fertilizantes produzidos com substâncias húmicas ou matéria orgânica; nanomateriais e sua aplicação” “
Reunião do Grupo Brasileiro da IHSS

Transporte ao hotel
15:00   Sessão 5
“Caracterização e função da matéria orgânica afetada por queima (natural e biocarvão) e sua aplicação”

15:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:00 Sessão 6
Transporte ao hotel
Transporte ao hotel

Transporte ao hotel

(por adesão)

Transporte ao hotel

*Reunião de Grupos: Espaço reservado para reunião de grupos de trabalho, inclusive do Comitê de Avaliação de Painéis
**Visita a campo: Visita a campo experimental – analisador de gases traço em integração lavoura-pecuária, Fazenda Capivara da Embrapa Arroz e Feijão (1 km do local do Evento)
*** Saída para passeio cultural ás 10:30, volta no final do dia diretamente para a cidade. Por adesão.



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  • Embrapa Arroz e Feijão - Capivara Farm
    Auditório José Francisco Valente Moraes
    Rodovia GO-462, km 12 Zona Rural, CEP: 75375-000
    Caixa Postal: 179, Santo Antônio de Goiás - GO


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  • It is important to inform the Hotel that you are participant of the event: X EBSH of Embrapa Rice and Beans (X EBSH da Embrapa Arroz e Feijão).
  • The organizers of the event will provide transfer from the hotels to the venue

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Athenas Plaza Hotel Business and Group [+]

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Embrapa Arroz e Feijão
Rodovia GO-462, km 12 Zona Rural C.P. 179
75375-000 Santo Antônio de Goiás, GO
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